Our professional background and references has grown since 1980 when consulting activities started in USA, then Latin America and Europe.

The partner network associated with our Director Ricardo Giovannone expands to different geographies and vertical markets.

Our experience is concentrated in customer and partners relationship management. We have covered several assignments in the last 25 years, in areas such as: program and project office, IT solutions consulting, pre-sales and sales, lately managing partner development and business delivery at enterprise level, always introducing business improvement via innovative technologies, IT solutions and  services.

We concentrate ourselves in  activities related to the introduction of a solution or technology into vertical  markets and geographies such as Italy, Spain, Latin America and USA, by means of a trusted network of Services companies, ISVs/VARs and known enterprise customers.

Specific areas of experience include: financial sector solutions, customer support and relationship, software development factories, business governance and emerging software platforms.

If you are interested in starting, developing or require support for new business in Italy, Spain or Latin America please contact us.